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  • How can I raise my minimum $50?
    • There are many ways to raise the minimum $50.
    • Some examples include:
      • Email, Facebook, Tweet, or text your family and friends to donate to your player game page.
      • Ask a local restaurant to host a fundraiser and raise money for your team.
      • Ask a local business to sponsor your team.
  • How can I use my Kick-It Player Game Page to help me raise money?
    • Your Kick-It Player Game Page is meant to be a fundraising portal for your friends, family and colleagues.
    • You can email people for donations directly from your game page.
  • How can my friends and family donate?
    • Tell your friends and family to click the Donate tab on our website. From there, they can search for your team or your player game page and make a donation.
    • They can also send a check or cash to 6009 Landerhaven Drive, Suite I, Cleveland, OH 44124

Men's organized team

  • How can we plan a fundraiser with Kick-It at OSU?
    • We welcome all local companies to assist with Kick-It.
    • Contact us at
  • How can we contribute to the kickball tournament?
    • Companies may contribute to the tournament through
      • Sponsorship
        • Sponsor the event
        • Sponsor a team
        • Sponsor a player
      • Donations
      • Creating a team
  • Can we contribute to other fundraisers/events throughout the year?
    • Absolutely! We both value and welcome your assistance in our various events. For more information about specific events, and what you can do to help our Kick-It team, please contact President Amanda Morel at

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  • How can I donate and contribute to your kickball tournament?
    • There are many ways that you can contribute your time and effort.
    • You can create a team, attend our event, or volunteer. 
    • Contact us at to find out more.
  • Can I participate in your kickball tournament?
    • Sure! Create your team at