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    Ana is our awesome President Ana
    I joined Kick-It at OSU as a founding member in our first year, 2013. As a sophomore I was elected president and have fallen more and more in love with the organization since then. I want to let you know a little bit about why I chose to be a part of Kick-It at OSU and what I admire the most about it. As an infant, my cousin Quinn was diagnosed with Leukemia. His family was told there was only a small chance he would live past the age of 2. Quinn beat leukemia, and is currently twenty years old and a long time best friend of mine. He and I are only one month apart in age, so we grew up together. Looking back on growing up with Quinn, I have realized how much of an inspiration he has been for me. Quinn has not once ever in our twenty years of friendship mentioned his condition or complained about the hardships or side affects of the treatment he received as a baby. He has been through so much, but instead of complaining about it, Quinn rises above. He has a speech impediment that caused him to speak rather slowly when he was younger. Quinn and I didn’t care if we couldn’t communicate well verbally, we always found a way to play games, have fun together and just be kids. I am committed to Kick-It because it embodies what Quinn and I had growing up. Quinn was never a cancer patient to me, he was my best friend. We have 5 Kick-It All Stars, kids who are currently battling cancer or have previously battled cancer, who come to all of our events. They get to come and play kickball, meet lots of new friends and just have fun. It’s a day when they are not treated as a cancer patient, they are just a kid.

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    Ana is the best!! 🙂